Hitler in the Opera – short


  • Directed by
  • Michał Grzybowski
  • Screenplay
  • Michał Grzybowski, Przemysław Pilarski
  • Cinematography
  • Robert Mleczko
  • Film editing
  • Ireneusz Grzyb
  • Music
  • Piotr Dziubek
  • Production manager
  • Aleksandra Orzechowska
  • Producer
  • Studio Munka
  • Co-producer
  • Wajda Studio
  • Executive producer
  • Wajda Studio
  • Co-production
  • TVP S.A.
  • Co-financing
  • Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
  • Cast
  • Redbad Klijnstra, Agnieszka Dulęba-Kasza, Maciej Marczewski, Przemysław Redkowski, Szymon Mysłakowski, Michał Wierzbicki, Zbigniew Antoniewicz, Hanna Piaseczna, Aleksander Janiszewski, Wojciech Masacz, Marcin Trzęsowski
  • Runtime
  • 29:30

Story inspired by real-life events. Aaron is a very calm and withdrawn Israeli opera singer. Nevertheless his fame and everything what was once great about him is gone, Aaron comes to Poland to have guest appearance in a provincial theatre. He inspires admiration and respect among the employees. Although he doesn’t feel comfortable in country, where Jews suffered so much, as a professional he tries to integrate with his co-workers in the theatre. During one of the rehearsals he has this irresistible impression that someone is watching him. He notices the figure behind the curtain that looks like…..Adolf Hitler. He shares his concern with the theatre manager but she thinks Aaron is out of his mind and doesn’t believe him. Despite other people’s opinion he insist that he became a victim of a cruel joke. The escalation of this absurd situation, triggered by Aaron’s paranoia and anti-Semitism threatens the international scandal and cancellation of the premiere.

Festivals and Awards:

Ułan-Bator (Student Festival “The Debut – 7”) – The award for the best short film
Play Poland Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland (2015)
FilmOFFisko (2015)
Festival “Miasto Gwiazd” in Żyrardów (2015)
The Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival, USA (2015)
Orlando Film Festival, USA (2015)
Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival (2015)
Tacoma Film Festival, USA (2015)
Solanin Film Festival – Distinction OFF Cinema – The story
Kameralne Lato film festival in Radom (2015) – Special prize awarded by The Authors’ Association ZAiKS
“Młodzi i Film” Koszalin Festival of Film Debuts (2014)
Lubuskie Film Summer, Łagów (2014) – Distinction
12 Yerevan International Film Festival Golden Apricot